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Pre-Configured Business Dashboards for Mid Sized Enterprises

Tailor Made for Your Business, Role & Goals

Meet Rohan

Rohan joined his Dad’s Business, a couple of years ago. Wide spread operations and a large sales force meant that Rohan needed to make a lot of decisions daily.

Rohan had a situation

Rohan found it difficult to make data driven decisions. Compiling business reports took long. Often they’re arduous to read. Month end reports provided insights but it’s too late by then. He had to make pro-active, data driven decisions. It’s like Rohan was flying an aircraft, without the controls, with no vision.

Rohan found a solution

A year ago, Rohan discovered Kockpit. He found multiple pre-configured dashboards, tailor made for his business and future financial goals. Kockpit seemed easy on his pockets and was implemented within a week. Over the last year, it has helped him monitor his business’ performance continuously. Rohan sees key business KPIs in concise, relevant and end of day reports. He is no longer forced to make intuitive decisions.

Are you like Rohan?

Today, Rohan is a massively relieved business leader. He feels the pulse of his business directly. His business has a clear direction and he has appropriate control over his organization’s performance. Can you relate to Rohan? Would you like to be in the Kockpit?

Rohan's Testimonial

  • At the end of the day, the kind of analysis we needed from the data going to Navision just wasn't there. Kockpit had the necessary features, was built on the cloud and didn't take much to configure. It has been a success for our organization.
    Rohan Batra . Magnum MI Steel (Director)
Our Clients

Dashboards in Action

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Dashboards for CEOs

As a CEO, you’re already expected to do a lot. Kockpit can save your precious time and energy reading and making sense of weekly or monthly reports. Instead, you can focus on taking effective data driven decisions, at the right place and the right time.

Dashboards for CFOs

A CFO has to be abreast of every penny spent across the organization. You need to discover hidden costs, control expenditure, monitor account receivables, manage vendor payments and a lot more. Kockpit puts you in the driver’s seat, making sure there are no surprises or hiccups.

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Salient Features of Kockpit

Pre-Configured Dashboards

100s of Dashboards,ready to install within a week. Cuts down the huge development cost and makes KockPit a pocket-friendly option.

Tailored Made for Industry, Role and Goals

Choose dashboards best for your industry and the state of your business. Discover KPIs that truly measure your growth trajectory.

Week Long Deployment

Kockpit is easy to get started with. We deploy the dashboards within a week. You can start monitoring your business’s health at the End of Day everyday, thereafter.

Extensive Support & Training

The week long deployment is just the start of our commitment. We regularly come up with new & relevant dashboards, training modules and market insights.